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    It doesn’t seem fair that as your business begins to grow, your business processes start to become more complicated. There’s some good news for you – they don’t have to be this complex. At Pomfrey Accountants we can take care of all your payroll needs, allowing you to take on the members of staff you need to support your business without the worry of the new accounting responsibilities you will have.

    We are experienced payroll providers and will be able to help you with all aspects of your payroll setup and administration processes. It might also be more tax efficient for you to pay yourself a small salary and dividends if you are a sole trader – we can advise you on this too. We are always able and willing to offer you bespoke advice depending on your business circumstances, so your business runs smoothly and you meet all your obligations. We take care of everything, putting into place relevant paperwork from the Inland Revenue and administering your payroll in full.


    These are the services that payroll will generally include:

    • Payroll registration – this is done with HMRC
    • PAYE, National Insurance, Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity and Paternity Pay
    • Reports showing staff costs
    • Payslips for employees – either as hard or digital copies
    • Payment administration:
    • - New starters
    • - Leavers
    • - P45s
    • - P46s
    • - Holidays
    • - Bonuses
    • - Commissions
    • P14s, P35s, P60s and all year-end forms
    • P11Ds and P11D(b)s – benefits in kind
    • Remuneration packages for employees, shareholders and directors
    • Incentive schemes, bonuses and salary sacrifice schemes
    • BACS payment services, paying employees correctly and on time

    You don’t necessarily need to start a new payroll scheme from scratch. We can review any current payroll schemes you have in place to ensure they are correct and compliant.


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    Payroll outsourcing can be very cost-effective for you. We can take care of your entire payroll, and work on these specific areas too:


    CIS returns  We can work out rebates and complete all claims documentation.

    CIS returns


    Pension auto enrolment We can look after your workplace pension scheme.

    Pensions auto-enrolment


    Q: Do I need to have a payroll scheme?

    A: If any of the people you are paying within your business are classed as employees by HMRC, you will need to have a payroll scheme in place. This is to make sure that they are being taxed properly as you will be responsible for the tax and National Insurance contributions that you deduct from them and pay to HMRC. If you’re not sure whether you need a payroll scheme and whether the people who work for you are classed as employees or self-employed, we can advise you further. If you do need a payroll scheme, we can administer it for you and pay your staff members by BACS.

    Q: Can I benefit personally from having a payroll scheme?

    A: It’s possible that it might be more tax efficient for you to pay yourself a salary and dividends as you can benefit from the tax-free personal allowance. We will offer you personalised advice.

    Q: Do I need to use PAYE?

    A: You don’t if the people who work for you are classed as self-employed as they will be responsible for paying their own tax and National Insurance contributions.

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