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    We’re not your typical accountants. Most people picture an accountant in a grey suit, talking in jargon, and taking a great deal of money from you for processing your tax returns!

    You’ll be pleased to know that we work differently at Pomfrey Accountants. We like to think of ourselves as your business partners, not just your accountants, helping you in a holistic way so you can achieve your business ambitions. We won’t just process your bills – we’ll give you a full picture of your cashflow. We won’t just complete VAT returns – we’ll advise you on ways to save money on your tax bill. We won’t just be a voice on the end of the phone – we’ll be here when you need us, to offer expert advice and business support.


    Whilst it’s important that we take good care of your finances, we can also offer you more than that. We work closely with our clients and will get to know you and your needs, making sure we can meet them in full. We keep you fully informed, give you a complete picture of your cashflow, and keep track of deadlines.

    We are a well-established accountancy practice in Bexley and, as such, we have many clients and contacts of our own. You can benefit from our connections as well; we will always be happy to connect you with other businesses if it will be beneficial for you. If there’s anything you need, just ask us. Chances are we will be able to help.

    Meet the team at Pomfrey Accountants and begin putting faces to the names.


    We are specialist accountants for tradespeople working with Pimlico Plumbers – we know exactly what is required to get you set up as we’ve worked with tradespeople for years. Find out how we can help you.


    We help our clients to make a success of their businesses, with events to help you prosper in your field. We offer everything from networking events to software training. See what we have coming up.

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    I made a very good decision when I moved my accounts and tax affairs to Pomfrey. I had been with my previous accountant for 14 years and when we met I wasn’t looking to move to a new accounting practice. At our first informal meeting I felt Pomfrey covered so much detail, asked many questions and raised a number of critical business matters that I hadn’t considered relating to the financial affairs of the business. It was this attention to detail that made me feel reassured that I would get a better service than I was currently experiencing.
    I am really impressed with the thorough way our tax affairs are handled. To my surprise (and of course delight) I received a corporation tax rebate in addition to clearing an outstanding tax liability. All of this was handled very efficiently by Dawn Morris (she is a stickler for detail!). Dawn also processed the refund in record time.
    I am looking forward to a long-term business relationship, to making referrals to the company and to getting more tax rebates!
    – Dr Yvonne Foster (Managing Director of Lotus Human Resource)


    Discover just how easy it is to switch accountants


    We offer various accountancy software packages depending on what you require. It will be cheaper for us to set you up, saving you from having to buy a whole package yourself. We are experts in the following systems:

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